No Name Amateur Dramatics Association (NNADA) was formed in July 2018 with the inspiration of Martin O'Brien and was formed in 2018 after writing and producing a succession of modern day pantomimes, Cindy Ella, Jack and the Bean Store, A Lad In a Talent Contest and Jo White and the Seven Doors which were all performed in the YMCA Theatre.  Its aim is to raise funds for The YMCA and The Wallich, both charities that do astounding work with our cities homeless people.  

The name No Name Amateur Dramatics Association was chosen as homeless people are often hidden, nameless and stigmatised by society.

DAVE, which stands for Diverse, Accessible, Variety, Entertaining, is a project that will support the development of NNADA and is funded by BIG LOTTERY FUND WALES.  It aims to provide people from a range of cultures, backgrounds and hard to reach places, in particular homeless people, with the opportunity to get involved in workshops that cover all aspects of amateur dramatics  including acting, sound and lighting, make up, writing, production, improvisation and theatre management.

Profits from our shows will be donated to local charities The YMCA and The Wallich, both organisations that work with the homeless.